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Vaccine Manufacturing Articles

New-Age Vaccine Adjuvants: Friend or Foe?

August 2, 2007

Adjuvant-caused vaccine reactions are one of the most important barriers to better acceptance of routine prophylactic vaccination.

FDA Details National Vaccine Plan

March 11, 2014

HHS plan makes progress in ensuring availability of safe vaccines.

European Medicines Agency Updates Seasonal Flu Vaccine Guidance

February 11, 2014

EMA releases an update on its flu vaccine guidance.

EMA Launches Vaccine Monitoring Project

November 26, 2013

European Medicines Agency announces the launch of the Accelerated development of vaccine benefit-risk collaboration in Europe (ADVANCE) project.

PhRMA Report Shows New Vaccine Development

October 4, 2013

PhRMA report reflects robust R&D in vaccine development.

Bioprocessing Advances in Vaccine Manufacture

August 1, 2013

Advances in techniques and single-use systems are revolutionizing vaccine manufacturing.

Discovery Pipeline: Improved Delivery of RNA Vaccines

November 1, 2012

Creating an effective nucleic acid-based vaccine requires protecting the fragile nucleic acid from degradation, effective transfection of the targeted cells, and producing high enough levels of antigen to evoke a robust immune response.

Considerations in Outsourced Vaccine Manufacturing

October 1, 2012

Marco Chacon of Paragon Bioservices discusses the challenges associated with outsourced vaccine manufacturing.

In-Depth Validation of Closed-Vial Technology

September 1, 2012

The authors describe a validation master plan for closed-vial filling technology.



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