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Company Description

Aptuit is a company focused on streamlining and supporting the drug development process for biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovators. We are engineering a better drug development process by delivering critical expertise, technologies, facilities, ideas, and services in a seamless and globally integrated offering.

We combine industry-leading drug development consulting expertise, state-of-the-art GMP/GLP facilities, innovative technologies designed specifically to expedite the development process, complete project management capabilities, and comprehensive regulatory compliance services, all in one package.

In September 2006, Aptuit continued to take steps toward engineering a better drug development process with an agreement to acquire EaglePicher Pharmaceutical Services, bringing the addition of API development and drug substance manufacture. In October, an agreement was signed to acquire SSCI, the leading solid-state chemistry company focused on crystallization, characterization, and chemistry of solid materials.

Biopharmaceutical Techniques Supported

  • Regulatory and Strategic Consulting
  • Informatics
  • Discovery Support
  • Preclinical Services
  • Clinical Packaging and Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences - Formulation development, clinical supplies manufacturing
  • Analytical and Physical Chemistry
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Development and Manufacture

Markets Served

Aptuit addresses the needs of the estimated 1,500 biotechnology innovators who spend some $18 billion per year on developing drug candidates, and are currently driving much of the therapeutic product pipeline.

Aptuit also addresses the outsourcing needs of the 60+ larger pharmaceutical companies who invest over $30 billion annually on R&D. Such firms are seeking more efficient processes in order to avoid production delays that can cost millions of dollars per day. By providing services throughout the drug development continuum, which clients can access either as a fully integrated offering or in a modular, as-needed way, Aptuit can facilitate the most timely and financially effective development route to successful product approval.

Products and Services

Aptuit provides a comprehensive suite of product development services and competencies to biotechnology companies and large, fully integrated pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We have more than 2,000 employees, 15 global facilities, and five global packaging and logistics facilities, which are complimented by more than 30 primary and 50 secondary packaging suites and 27 clinical supply distribution depots reaching more than 70 countries around the globe.

Three Greenwich Office Park, Greenwich, CT 06381







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