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Volume 19, Issue 12

Company Description

Since 1986, ATMI LifeSciences has been developing and manufacturing single-use solutions for the BioPharmaceutical and Microelectronics industries with additive-free resins, our own in-house extruded film, and manufacturing our product in Class 100 cleanrooms.

ATMI's Quality Policy focuses on its customers and ATMI exists because of its customers. To attract them, we design highly innovative products that create productivity opportunities. To keep them, we are committed to the continuous improvement of quality in everything we do, so that we always meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

The "Ultraclean" philosophy of ATMI follows that ultraclean components and systems are critical to the success of high-tech industries. Requirements for clean products are becoming more stringent and any step of the manufacturing process can potentially introduce contaminants.

ATMI LifeScience has the following systems in place to ensure maximum cleanliness is achieved in the manufacturing process:

  • Traceability system of FDA approved raw materials
  • Control of material during conversion to flexible film
  • Continuous monitoring and measuring of all critical processes
  • Maintaining ISO 5 cleanroom condition protocols
  • Well-trained, skilled employees

Markets Served

ATMI was originally known as Newform and NOW Technologies, servicing the global BioPharmaceutical and Microelectronics markets worldwide.

Products and Services

We offer Cleansteam, a ready-to-use, flexible packaging and NOWPak, a bag-in-a-can chemical container system.

Also, we recently introduced Newmix, a single-use, mixing and storage system.


Single-use, flexible process vessels for the BioPharmaceutical Industry begin with a fundamental knowledge of polymers, specially selected resins, control of the film extrusion process and environment, as well as cleanroom manufacturing, to insure optimum performance.

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