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UPLC, QTof, HDMS, and more: A practical guide to the hottest techniques driving the future of biopharmaceutical science

In this continuing podcast series, Laura Bush, editor-in-chief of BioPharm International, interviews Waters scientists about current trends in biopharmaceutical analysis.

Episode 1: Current challenges in oligonucleotide analysis

We discuss some of the primary analytical challenges faced by oligotherapeutic and oligodiagnostic manufacturers for characterizing and quantitating oligonucleotides.

Episode 2: Getting more specificity in host cell protein analysis using proteomics approaches

In this podcast, we introduce the capabilities added by the analysis of residual host cell proteins by novel LC/MS techniques, providing more information on which an organization can act in this challenging application area.

Episode 3: Advances in glycan analysis

In this podcast, we provide a firm knowledge of the latest technological innovations in LC and LC/MS that have been designed to address and advance the very specific needs of the many applications areas in the biopharmaceutical laboratory.

Episode 4: Why ion mobility is shaping the future

This podcast will show how IMS has enabled studies of protein conformation, pegylated proteins, top-down sequencing, and characterization of protein glycosylation.

Episode 5: Advancing peptide mapping with informatics support for multiplexed peptide fragmentation data

Selecting an efficient peptide mapping LC/MS methodology and proper informatics tools are critical for obtaining quick and complete information about a biotherapeutic protein.

To listen to these podcasts, go to: http://www.biopharminternational.com/biopharm/static/staticHtml.jsp?id=569758

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