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Volume 19, Issue 12

Maxim offers contact memory products called iButtons. Our Thermochron and Hygrochron iButtons are small digital temperature and humidity data loggers. They are used in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries for cold chain monitoring and QA/QC applications in labs and manufacturing facilities.

About the size of 5 stacked dimes, the iButton is so small it can be attached unobtrusively to any container or surface—on bottles, totes, boxes, crates, pallets, air cargo containers, refrigerators, semi trailers, railroad freight cars, and in archival storage rooms. Inside the iButton, a single silicon chip integrates a digital thermometer or hygrometer, clock or calendar and protected memory. The stored data is designed to be resistant to tampering from unscrupulous intermediaries. Attempts to alter the logged history will be detected electronically.

As the iButton roams, its recordings can be viewed on the spot by using a PC, laptop or hand-held computer. Some of our partners have developed software to instantly download iButton data to a web page for instant access to the data worldwide. The iButtons factory-lasered registration number serves as a unique address that can point to a web page, which can report the environmental experience of a specific shipment. This network address can become the means of determining where an iButton was last seen, much like a package tracking service.

iButton Thermochrons currently come in five different models that can record up to 8K data points and operate from -40 C to 125 C with accuracy to 0.5 C and resolution to 0.125 C.

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