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BioPharm International magazine welcomes manuscripts on subjects pertinent to all aspects of biopharmaceutical drug development.

BioPharm International articles keep readers up-to-date on technical and regulatory topics such as:

  • upstream processing (protein expression, fermentation & cell culture) and process development
  • downstream processing (separation and purification) and process development
  • drug formulation and delivery
  • validation
  • GMP compliance and quality control
  • analytical technologies
  • scale-up strategies
  • facilities design and expansion

We also cover business topics such as:

  • supply-chain management
  • sourcing and outsourcing
  • project management
  • partnerships
  • intellectual property management


BioPharm International’s readers are also its authors. You can help us meet your needs by submitting manuscripts that offer technical and scientific discussions of ongoing drug development challenges and solutions. Submitted manuscripts should be sufficiently novel to be of interest to an experienced audience. Articles should be data driven and provide sufficient technical detail to support the main thesis or should offer a novel synthesis of existing data.

Topics should be timely and useful and should focus on the development of peptides, monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, other therapeutic proteins, nucleic acids, vaccines, cells for cell therapy, and any other class of biotechnologically generated molecular class.

See the following PDF documents for more information on article contributions. Contact the editors with questions.


BioPharm International Author Guidelines for Peer-Review Papers
BioPharm International welcomes manuscripts for peer review by the publication’s editorial advisory board. This guide includes information about submitting papers for peer review. Download peer-review guidelines (PDF).


BioPharm International Author Guidelines for Technical Articles and Columns
BioPharm International accept technical article contributions from scientific and technical experts from biopharmaceutical companies, academia, industry suppliers, and contract service organizations for publication in monthly issues, supplements, and as online articles. Articles must be objective and cannot promote a company’s products or services.

Review these guidelines if you would like to submit a technical article or column for a monthly print issue or supplement, or for online publication. Download technical paper guidelines (PDF).


BioPharm International Submission Guidelines
Use these instructions to prepare peer-review papers, technical articles, and other contributions for publication in BioPharm International and on In this document, you will find:

  • Guidelines for article rights, originality, and licensing
  • Instructions for preparing the article for submission
  • Acceptable file types for figures, tables, and images
  • A style guide for references

Download submission guidelines (PDF).

Contact the BioPharm International editors.



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