BioPharm International September 2017

September 2017 | Volume 30, Issue 9
BioPharm International September 2017
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By BioPharm International Editors
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Cover Story
Choosing a suitable material for fill/finish containers begins during the product development stage.
Peer-Reviewed Research
The control of biologics microbiological impurities, contaminants, and mimetics is evolving.
Modeling tools help process engineers optimize a biopharmaceutical facility’s capacity.
Single-use and single-pass TFF devices are facilitating advances in biopharma manufacturing.
Internet of Things, advanced analytics, and blockchain solutions such as smart contracts promise to give manufacturers more control over products and supply chains.
The authors review how media components modulate the quality of monoclonal antibody products
Protecting against microbiological contamination over the whole manufacturing process grows increasingly important.
Regulatory Beat
FDA works with industry on strategies for assuring high-quality regenerative medicines.
Perspectives on Outsourcing
Innovation speeds discovery, drives down costs, and improves productivity.
Ask the Expert
The differences between the quality control and quality assurance units can be found in their names, according to Siegfried Schmitt, principal consultant at PAREXEL.
From the Editor
Faced with divisive political and social issues, Congress must find a way to reach consensus.
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