Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Dec 01, 2005
By BioPharm International Editors
Volume 18, Issue 12

Company Description

Baxter Healthcare Corporation's BioPharma Solutions business offers proprietary technologies and best in class contract services, addressing outsourcing needs throughout development and commercialization of parenteral (injectable and pulmonary) drugs. The company has partnered with more than 150 clients, working with the top fifteen bio/pharmaceutical companies.

Contract Services

Baxter is a parenteral market leader providing a range of proven contract services from process development of biopharmaceutical active ingredients to form–fill–finish of drug product into syringes, vials, and cartridges. Baxter offers the advantage of providing cytotoxic contract services from chemical synthesis (API) to scale-up for commercial production. With over fifteen years of experience, we provide contract development and manufacturing services for antibodies and protein therapeutics. Our licensed facilities in Hayward and Thousand Oaks, California, have capacity for pre-clinical to commercial scale production.

Baxter's Bloomington facility has expanded capacities for syringe and vial filling–finishing; and has added new capability in cartridge filling–finishing as well as a fully automated kitting line. Lyophilization capacity has increased along with the establishment of the Lyophilization Center of Excellence. Baxter can also provide analytical and microbiological services as well as validation and regulatory assistance.

Proprietary Formulation Technologies

NANOEDGE dispersion technology offers innovative formulations for your solubility challenges and is applicable to multiple routes of administration. It reduces the particle size of most drugs to nanometer size, which can enhance a drug's saturation solubility and dissolution rate. It also eliminates the need for undesirable cosolvents and can offer higher drug loading and subsequent lower dose volume.

The PROMAXX microsphere technology is a unique, elegant, and cost effective formulation platform, tailored to fit your specific requirements. It is applicable to a broad range of molecules — from small molecules and nucleic acids to peptides and proteins. PROMAXX technology can offer high drug loading and precise particle-size control and enable dosing flexibility across various administration routes such as injectable and pulmonary with various drug release profiles such as immediate- and sustained-release.

Enhanced Packaging

Baxter also offers an extensive portfolio of Ready-To-Use and Ready-To-Mix systems that can help differentiate your molecule and simplify end-users' drug preparation and administration. An established franchise into critical care clinicians globally supports end-user acceptance and market presence.

Corporate Relationships Sought

Baxter is actively pursuing and strengthening partnerships including co-development opportunities, out-licensing of internally developed products, and strategic or full-development programs.

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