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Jun 09, 2017
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Comparability assessments of biotherapeutics are of vital importance in the process of drug development and production. Intact mass analysis using high-resolution LC-MS provides a rapid assessment for the mass of the drug product as well as high-level heterogeneity information. A reproducible and robust method is demonstrated using the SCIEX X500B QTOF System, with simple and rapid batch processing using BioPharmaView™ Software.
May 11, 2017
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Five mapping resources to make your mapping project easier and more efficient. Learn about the proper number of sensors, calibration, warehouse mapping, regulations and guidelines, and choosing the best sensor.
May 06, 2017
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By Sciex
Comparisons between biotherapeutic batches is of vital importance in the process of drug development and production. Peptide mapping by LC-MS gives a thorough comparison of modifications as well as of the protein backbone for sequence variation. Using the SCIEX X500B QTOF System, a comparison is made of two manufacturer lots of trastuzumab using a simple, yet powerful workflow.
Oct 12, 2016
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By BioPharm International Editors
In this e-book, experts share best practices for downstream purification, and how continuous purification methods can offer increased productivity and greater process reliability and reproducibility in the laboratory and when scaling protein purification processes for the production of commercial quantities.
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