Analytical Best Practices

BioPharm International: Mar 31, 2015
Care needs to be made to match the method of limit determination to the analytical method.
BioPharm International: Mar 31, 2015
Liquid particle counters are ideal for protein aggregation studies.
BioPharm International: Mar 31, 2015
Cation-exchange chromatography can be harnessed for challenging separations such as bispecific antibody, ADC, and mAb isoform purifications.
BioPharm International: Feb 20, 2015
MedImmune will provide funds and access to monoclonal antibodies to seven postdoctoral associates for the creation of protein measurement and characterization tools.
BioPharm International: Feb 01, 2015
The use of commercially available media to achieve high titer in early process development is discussed.
BioPharm International: Feb 01, 2015
Understanding the influence of change events on product performance is a necessity to routine drug development, transfer, and validation.
BioPharm International: Oct 31, 2014
The ability to define a scientifically justified and statistically sound sampling procedure is a fundamental skill in modern systematic drug development.
BioPharm International: Aug 31, 2014
Design space generation is encouraged in new product development.
BioPharm International: Apr 30, 2014
Characterization of stability performance provides a clear, statistically defendable method for determining accelerated stability.
BioPharm International: Mar 01, 2014
Design of experiment is a powerful development tool for method characterization and method validation.